From A to B

I’d like to introduce you to Mr Hoeurk.

Don’t worry mum that’s my helmet on the back!

Hoeurk is a tuk tuk driver in Battambang who has traveled many a place with Lee and I, helped us take cats to the vet,  taken me to job interviews and generally been an all round fantastic guy.

He now picks me up and takes me to work and back on the back of his moto – or motodop as it is referred to here.

Travelling round Battambang is pretty straght forward, you cycle, walk or take a tuk tuk or motodop.  The roads and intersections may seem like chaos, and without rules but for the most part it all works smoothly.  Occasionally there is a bump but for the most part everyone is going very slowly, so after dusting yourself off, generally you are back on your way in no time.

But cars, minivan, buses and trucks are another story altogether.  Occasionally for work or fun you might need to travel to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh and that’s when things start to get interesting!  These main highways are single lane roads, generally with enough space for three cars across, but I have had the pleasure of being in a car overtaking a truck, overtaking a tractor, with a car or bus hurtling towards you from the other direction.  Hair-raising is one way to describe it….. 🙂

Thanks to Lee for this photo

For the most part we take a taxi or private driver.  Its most comfortable and if you have enough Khmer you can help to control the speed to some degree by asking the driver to stay below a certain speed but there are all manner of things on the road, not only vehicles, though there are plenty of those.  You also come across road works without warning, a wedding or party set up in the middle of the road, or just a bunch of water buffaloes moving from one size of the road to the other.  Trucks are more often that not overloaded and look ready to tip at any moment.

Moving house on the back of a tractor

I am practicing not verbalizing my shock / horror / fear when something is racing towards us from the other direction.

I think I’ll just stick with Mr Hoeurk!

PS if you come visit we will book Mr Hoeurt for you, but if you happen to have stumbled across my blog because you are visiting (or planning to visit) Battambang you can reach Mr Hoeurt at 086-79-0199


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